I have a drug dealer friend from elementary school that if you show him that u are still in school gives u student discount on the goods.

He cares

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Bands in a nutshell

  • All Time Low: stay true to yourself no matter what, follow your dreams, don't let anything stop you.
  • Motion City Soundtrack: big words that you don't understand yet they will comfort the shit out of you when you're sad
  • A Day to Remember: don't fucking tell me what to do
  • Mayday Parade: sad
  • FM Static: I can't tell if this is the best or worst day of my life
  • The Wonder Years: life's not easy but I'll try my hardest to make it
  • Blink-182: overgrown man-children
  • Fall Out Boy: narcissistic depression
  • Marianas Trench: happily ever after we lived the end
  • Pierce the Veil: deep Mexican poetry
  • The Story So Far: there's a fine line between my ex-girlfriend and Satan